From early morning we have been preparing for today’s race.

The race was fantastic. If you missed it, you can read our short and sweet summary of it.

The race can also be seen on the Renault Clio Cup Youtube chanel, here.

Race recap

After the start from the 18th position, our driver was 19th in the first corner. He set the tone from the start and quickly got to the 17th place. At that time, a safety car appeared on the track. After returning to racing, Patryk Krupinski quickly made to the 14th position! He slightly touched one of the drivers on one of the corners, which cost him a position.

During the chase, 2 competitors in front of Patryk got together and one of them got sideways. Trying to get past him, Krupiński had to run to the side of the track. He rubbed against the wall, and as a result lost the car’s geometry and drive-ability.

Despite all that, he managed to safely reach the finish line in the 15th position.

Congratulations Patryk and the Team. Great job!

We are very happy about our first performance at the Renault Clio Cup Central Europe. The team has gained a lot of valuable experience that we will use in the future 

Now it’s time to return homeregenerate and go back to training

See you at the next race, this time  in Austria at Red Bull Ring!