We are happy to announce that we have started cooperation with two young talented drivers – Szymon Jabłoński and Damian Litwinowicz. Both drivers represent the EXP Racing in Clio Cup Central Europe and the Polish Championships in Rallycross.


On the hot last weekend of May, the drivers gathered at the track in Słomczyn during the 3rd round of the Polish Rallycross Championship.

Szymon Jabłoński, despite the malfunction of the car in one of the qualifications, got to the finals of the SC Cup class in 5th position. Finally, he ended the rivalry on a very good, 3rd position in his class. In the general classification, Szymon is 4th, having respectively 1 and 2 points of loss to 3 and 2 place.

Damian Litwinowicz appeared on the grid in the SuperNational class. After good qualifying runs, Damian had a crash in the first corner, which caused the car to break out of further competition. In the general classification, Litwinowicz ranks 1st, with a large, ten-point advantage.

Clio Cup Central Europe

The third round of CCCE took place on the track in Zandvoort. Qualifications took place in the rain, which provided additional emotions for both fans and drivers. The races were already taking place on an almost dry track, which allowed drivers to develop their skills.

Szymon Jabłoński after the problems in the first race ended the rivalry on a very good 6th position in the overall classification, and P1 in the rookie class. Damian Litwinowicz  had a good weekend being 13th in the first race and 10th place in the second race.

Congratulations to the drivers and we wish you further successes!