It was a difficult weekend for our Team. Difficult technical track, required many changes in the car settings, which we worked during training sessions. Each of the training sessions brought us progress.

During the qualifying we were able to make a decent time giving good prospects for the race. In the first race our driver went very well from the start. After 2 laps of the race, Patryk tried to attack another driver on the inside. The overtaken driver didn’t noticed our driver, cutting the turn earlier, which caused a strong accident, which unfortunately excluded both drivers from the race.

As a result of our driver mistake in the first race, we started from the last, 20th position – on the technical track which is certainly RedBull Ring – it didn’t make things easier. Patryk Krupiński started to work from the start. After the first corner, he checked in the 19th position. In the end, we managed to gain to the 17th position at the end of the weekend – which was a good result anyway, considering the equal level of competitors in the Renault Clio Cup Central Europe series.

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