On a warm holiday weekend, (2-4.08) competitors from all over Europe gathered on the track in Oschersleben. The ADAC Racing weekend took place on a flat track, where the fourth round of Clio Cup Central Europe took place. Lap has 9 turns at 3696 meters, which is a recipe for a fast track and a lot of racing emotions. Fast repeatable driving is not easy on such a track, which causes many accidents, especially on the first lap after the start. The paddock was full of Exp Racing Team drivers: Patryk Krupiński, Damian Litwinowicz, and Szymon Jabłoński.

Friday training sessions

During Friday’s training, the weather gave way to everyone, being variable like traffic lights. The first training allowed the competitors to get familiar with the track and its characteristics. At the end of the first training session, our drivers placed on positions:
Damian Litwinowicz P13
Patryk Krupiński P14
Szymon Jabłoński P15
The second training session was marked by rain. The drivers left for the track in a humid aura, which allowed to identify the amazing driving skills in the rain of Patrick – who in the rain turned 4th time in the Clio Cup class. However, before the end of time, it stopped raining. The drivers could spread their wings and test their abilities. Finally, Damian Litwinowicz ended the session with the best time giving him a good 7th position. Patryk Krupiński ended the day with the 15th time, and Szymon Jabłoński the 16th time.

Saturday - qualifications and first race

Our drivers started the day with qualifying. They appear rested on the track, improving their time throughout the entire session. Finally, they finished the qualification in individual positions:
Szymon Jabłoński P8
Patryk Krupiński P12
Damian Litwinowicz P14
It is worth to say that this is the first season of the Clio Cup for a very young, promising driver, Szymon Jabłoński, after switching from Kia Picanto.


After the start, Szymon Jabłoński quickly advanced to the 7th position, Damian also fought after the start, getting 12th position. Patryk Krupiński, who took 15th place after the start, attacked Clio in front of him on the second lap, and despite the wipe in the bend that caused an effective turn on two wheels, he began to make up the ground, from regaining two positions already on the 2nd lap. The race ended with great success for Patryk Krupiński – for whom it is the first season in the racing car, immediately on the international arena, becoming a contender for experienced drivers.
We finished the day in positions:
Szymon Jabłoński P8
Damian Litwinowicz P12
Patryk Krupiński P13

Sunday - Race 2

The second and the last race of this weekend began with a very nervous first lap. All competitors fought hard for the positions. Szymon Jabłoński, despite dropping out of the track as a result of pushing by one of the players, kept the 8th position, however, another mistake cost him a loss of two places. Patryk managed to win 11th position, and after several accident avoidances, Damian dropped to 13th position. Unfortunately, just after crossing the line of the first lap, Albert Legutko came out of the track. Then as a result of his own mistake Patryk Krupiński, who after the first turn loses control and stopped at the band of tires. Safety cars appeared on the track. Patrick’s car was able to pull off to the box. Our mechanics quickly repaired the necessary elements so that Krupiński would be able to finish the race. Meantime Szymon Jabłoński showed off his skills, breaking through the stakes and finally finishing the race in the 4th position, and 1st place in the Rookie classification. Damian Litwinowicz finished the race in 10th place.
The next Clio Cup Central Europe stop on August 30 at Most in the Czech Republic. If you have not followed races, you can watch them below:

Wyścig 1