Truck Racing, Renault Clio Central Europe Cup, Audi R8 LMS Cup and beautiful classics at the Autodrom Most track in the Czech Republic. This is what the last weekend looked like for the EXP Racing Team. Hot summer weather combined with a fast track with different characteristics was a recipe for a lot of racing emotions. In addition, during the 5th round of Clio Cup Central Europe, 25 drivers signed up for the start!


Our riders Szymon Jabłoński, Patryk Krupiński and Damian Litwinowicz during this weekend had at their disposal  9 training sessions on the track, which allowed them to be well prepared for qualification. The sun and cloudless sky meant that the temperature in the cars reaches almost 60 degrees! The drivers could also practice driving on the hot surface, and take the lesson of how to not overheat the tires during the 30-minute race.


Patryk Krupiński showed great progress during qualifying, for whom this is the first season in a race car. In a strong stake, he managed to wring out his best time so far during qualifying taking 10th place. Szymon Jabłoński and Damian Litwinowicz with some problems finally qualified in 17th and 20th place respectively.

Race 1

The first race from the start brought a lot of work to our competitors. Already in the first chicane, right after the start straight, Damian Litwinowicz damaged the rear axle as a result of an accident with another driver, which meant he had to give up further racing. Patryk Krupiński after the start was in 6th position, but shortly after, as a result of a hit from the side by another driver, he had to go to the pits to change the wheel. He returned to the track in the last position and started the race. Safety car left the track and the riders returned to racing. Final results:

Szymon Jabłoński – P8

Patryk Krupiński – P16

Damian Litwinowicz – did not finish the race

Race 2

The second race during the 5th round of Clio Cup Central Europe at Autodrom Most was undoubtedly one of the most exciting of the season. Already on the first lap after the accident of 4 competitors, a safety car and an ambulance appeared on the track, and the drivers saw a red flag in front of them. The competitors were placed back on the starting straight. After the race restart, our drivers started repairing yesterday’s losses. Unfortunately, as a result of a collision with another driver, Patrick damaged the front bumper, which caused the front tires to overheat. Finally, the drivers finished the race in positions:

Szymon Jabłoński – P13

Patryk Krupiński – P15

Damian Litwinowicz – P16


If you have not followed the races live – you could find it below!
Race 1
Race 2