If you haven’t watched the latest suggestions on the Netflix streaming platform about racing and building cars, we highly recommend watching some of the titles. For our part, we can recommend programs such as Fastest Car, Car Masters: Rust to Riches or Rust Valley Restores.

They show a fraction of what you will have to struggle with if you decide to build your own racing car. Particularly much to think about the first and second season of Fastest Car, in which 3 sleepers (cars that do not look fast, and yet travelling most “fast” serial cars)race in a quarter-mile race with real supercars. We will only reveal that the results of races and entire competitions are not so predictable until the end.

Angry, dirty and not fast

The series is worth looking at in one more aspect. No matter how long you’ll work on your car. How many technological innovations you install in it. There will always be one spark, one loose screw that can spoil the dream result of braking a record you wanted. In the case of serial cars, the moment when something may disagree appears a little later. However, any vehicle can break when parts start to fail or normal fatigue occurs. If you have made up for the above-mentioned filmographies and you are not afraid of failures, leaks and Christmas lights on the dashboard then you can get on with psychological preparation for racing. However, you may think that there is someone who could get dirty for you. Someone who will not only know what to do for your car but also advise where to go further.

"I will do it"

Some mechanical garages not only offer space for wintering the car, but also allow you to lend tools to further modify your vehicle. Let’s be honest, however, that as far as mechanical parts are concerned, learning car systems seem simple. It seems because many things can surprise us. It is still harder to come by, the mass of computer control systems nowadays is like rolling a perfect sushi roll for the very first time. They are complicated but allow you to study dozens if not hundreds of car parameters. thanks to these parameters professional engineers are able to draw conclusions. At the time when each comma is important and each variable can decide on the final result, it is worth having our experienced person take care of our vehicle. If you are just starting to think about your first race car, you are probably starting to look for the perfect base in online classifieds. “It is important that the car has a healthy chassis and components – The rest is only a matter of time” – as long as we have adequate facilities, time of skill and a lot of patience. Buying a used car as a base will allow us to keep a larger portion of the budget for further expansion – but is it still? The base itself can be a key choice because of its design capabilities, balance, or condition. It is worth making a good choice here.

"I'm starting a new project"

You have already bought a base for your first racing car. Happy full of energy and enthusiasm for work, you enter the garage and… Well, what next? Ahead of you are the weeks spent in the garage after work to make small bodywork corrections and remove unnecessary ballast from the car. In the meantime, you choose your dream sear, steering wheel, you are looking for a CNC-shaped hand brake lever with a unique shape. Suddenly, the question arises – how to release the electrical installation? Serial seat mounts do not match, and the engine after the car lost 300kg of “unnecessary” parts stopped firing. You can choose between clenching your teeth and continuing the project, at the same time starting engineering studies that will allow you to obtain the necessary knowledge necessary to develop this special project. And there you are!

A few changes, a few situations in which it turned out that the parts you ordered do not match. Specialists come to the rescue here. People for whom building a race car is a daily routine. They know every nook and cranny of the car, know which solutions work – and which ones may be unnecessary. It should be remembered that in such a complicated structure that a racing car is undoubtedly the details give the performance. Combining all the elements so that they will work fine requires a lot of skill and experience.

So it’s worth considering –  isn’t it worth giving your dream racing car into the hands of specialists? Very often the time, energy and resources consumed by independent work exceed the value of the service in a professional workshop. In addition, you can be sure that your car is prepared with the help of professional tools, which gives a restful sleep about the technical condition of our car and its best setting, giving you 100% of performance.